Why Is This a “No Post” Sunday?

The answer is: I forgot . . . until Friday evening during at jazz concert.

The reason for my memory lapse is: I’ve been concentrating full time on R. S. Thomas and his poetry.

But shouldn’t that, you ask, have produced a post?

Yes, if I’d been thinking about writing Thomas posts, but I was thinking about writing Thomas talks.

Ten of them.

To be given between May 1st and 28th. One here in Pennsylvania and nine in Wales.

So there should be a fresh supply of material for posts when I get back to Saint Corny by the Quarry at the end of May.

Perhaps there’ll be other new material as well. For I plan to spend five days in London and two in Cambridge before going on to Hawarden and Aberdaron in Wales.

In London, there’s a Matisse exhibit at the Tate Modern, and a friend has arranged for my son and me to see some of William Blake’s works at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge.

Speaking of Matisse, didn’t Thomas write a poem about one of his paintings?

H’mmm . . . .


6 thoughts on “Why Is This a “No Post” Sunday?

  1. a quick skip through “Between Here & Now”… he’s not in there, that’s impressionist painters, so I guess he’d be in that rare collection [the name escapes me] of reflections on modernist painters [?] Tony Brown of the RS Study Centre Bangor would be your man, especially as his presentation on May 28th in Aberdaron, is exactly on that subject……. want to know more? come to Aberdaron…..

    • Busted! In fact, I located the painting and the poem before I finished the post, but I ended with “H’mmm” in the hope that it would get folks to read next Sunday’s post to see if I had found the poem. Yes, it’s in “Ingrowing Thoughts,” and poem and painting (I hope) will be revealed next week. Let me join you in encouraging people to journey to Aberdaron on May 28th; it’s the place in all the world for R. S. Thomas fans to be that day.

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