My Blogging of R.S. Thomas’s Poetry Nears One-Year Mark

RS Thomas at Porth Neigwl

R.S. Thomas at Porth Neigwl

This post is my last before I celebrate my first R. S. Thomas-blogging birthday. And I’ve been debating what to give myself as a present.

Webmaster lessons? Nah. I have the best of webmasters, and the price is right. Besides, trying to learn new computer tricks would amplify the gasps of my grey cells.

New eyeglasses for computer work, allowing me to move my eyes from keyboard to screen without lifting my head to relocate my bifocals? Owlish frames?

A red necktie? To wear when I’m reading R. S. Thomas’s poems. That’d be fitting, for Thomas always sported a red tie. But I no longer much care for binding my neck.

A picture of me to pop up whenever I respond to a comment on one of my posts? Perhaps a sort of Kilroy-was-here shot, in which the top part of my face looks out over an open book? Kinda like the idea. Wonder what my webmaster will say?

No matter, I’ve decided to give myself something my webmaster suggested.

It’ll be unwrapped on March 2nd.

I hope I’ll like it.

Maybe you will, too.

A clue:

The fox drags its wounded belly
Over the snow, the crimson seeds
Of blood burst with a mild explosion,
Soft as excrement, bold as roses.

Over the snow that feels no pity,
Whose white hands can give no healing,
The fox drags its wounded belly.

Poem of R. S. Thomas quoted in this post:

“The fox drags its wounded belly” – “January,” Song at the Year’s Turning [1955], 107; Selected Poems 1946-1968 [1973], 38.


7 thoughts on “My Blogging of R.S. Thomas’s Poetry Nears One-Year Mark

  1. I’m guessing a pair of red suspenders?????? [as you call them] we call them braces, to avoid confusion with that construct of ladies lingerie to suspend the stockings! unless of course you are going to gift yourself what we call suspenders??? enjoy!

    • No need for suspenders: my doctor-ordered compression stockings cling to my knees. Red braces? Red on men, at least in the US, is considered to be the color of holders or seekers of power. Not my cuppa.

  2. Whatever you decide is a fitting ‘selfie’ to mark this anniversary, from the antipodes I want to sincerely thank-you for your blogging. I look forward to the posts appearing in my email and often share them with friends and family. Thanks again and happy RS b’day.

    • Thank you. I celebrated by RST blogging birthday on Florida’s Gulf Coast, hence, the lateness of my response to your greeting. Sunshine, waves lapping over my bare feet, and books plentiful, not to mention seafood.

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