“It May Make You Dizzy” | R.S. Thomas on Blood Pudding

blood pudding and R.S. ThomasI find that when I mention “black pudding,” people give me a hunh look. Chocolate is the only dark-colored pudding they know.

Then, when I respond to their puzzlement, they make noises verging on retching.

One morning, when ten of us were having breakfast with R. S. Thomas at a hotel in Aberdyfi, Wales, black pudding was on the menu. Bob asked Thomas what is was.

Thomas replied, “It may make you dizzy.”

Bob gave him a how-so look, and Thomas said, “Let’s both order it, and see who keels over first.”

According to my notes, “R.S. had sausage, bacon, and black pudding, with toast and tea.” My notes are silent about Bob, but he and R.S. remained upright throughout the day.

Some days later, in the lounge of a hotel in England, as the ten of us were looking back over our two days with Thomas, one of the memories was: “R.S. could kid and take a kidding.”

By the way: Black pudding’s made with pig’s blood. I’ve tried it, several times; so far, no dizziness.


2 thoughts on ““It May Make You Dizzy” | R.S. Thomas on Blood Pudding

  1. Ah I had to laugh – Black pudding, blood sausage, haggis, scrapple – among some of my husband’s favorites. While there was no dizziness involved that I remember, your post did get me thinking of people and places. A cafe with my dear friend Marie looking out at the Paris lights and sharing a nice oaky white wine and Foie Gras en croute. Sunset in the Black Forest with friends, plates of sausages, and hefeweizen as the sounds of a brass band wafts over the hills. A pub on a cornered windwipped Edinburgh close where my husband and I split a plate of haggis and mash at a fire-lit table. Finally I am transported in time and place to the 1970’s on my grandmother’s “cold porch” where I am instructed on the importance of patience for the proper preparation of scrapple. Or should I rather relate the breakfast that got away… no you will have to wait for that story. Thank you John for reminding me.

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